Accepted Papers

Wet Cloth Simulation
Markus Huber, Simon Pabst and Wolfgang Strasser
Pose Space Editing of Blendshape Based Facial Animation
Yeongho Seol, Jaewoo Seo, Paul Hyunjin Kim, J.P. Lewis and Junyong Noh
The Workflow Scale
Eric Enderton and Daniel Wexler
Edge-aware inpainting with oriented (bi)harmonic interpolation
J.P. Lewis and Sebastian Sylwan
Disparity Graph Editing for Stereoscopic Contents Creation
Soyoung Kim, Yeongho Seol, Roger Blanco Ribera and Junyong Noh
The Characteristic Map for Fast and Efficient VFX Fluid Simulations
Jerry Tessendorf and Brandon Pelfrey
Computer Graphics International Workshop on VFX, Computer Animation, and Stereo Movies
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