SketchiMo: Sketch-based Motion Editing for Articulated Characters

Byungkuk Choi, Roger Blanco i Ribera, J. P. Lewis, Yeongho Seol, Seokpyo Hong,
Haegwang Eom, Sunjin Jung, Junyong Noh

Journal: ACM Transaction on Graphics, Volume 35, Issue 4, p.146:1-146:12, July 2016
Conference : ACM SIGGRAPH, 2016

Paper (9.24M PDF) / Video (178M AVI)

*Byungkuk Choi and Roger Blanco i Ribera contributed equally to this work.


We present SketchiMo, a novel approach for the expressive editing of articulated character motion. SketchiMo solves for the motion given a set of projective constraints that relate the sketch inputs to the unknown 3D poses. We introduce the concept of sketch space, a contextual geometric representation of sketch targets -motion properties that are editable via sketch input- that enhances, right on the viewport, different aspects of the motion. The combination of the proposed sketch targets and space allows for seamless editing of a wide range of properties, from simple joint trajectories to local parent-child spatiotemporal relationships and more abstract properties such as coordinated motions. This is made possible by interpreting the user's input through a new sketch-based optimization engine in a uniform way. In addition, our view-dependent sketch space also serves the purpose of disambiguating the user inputs by visualizing their range of effect and transparently defining the necessary constraints to set the temporal boundaries for the optimization.